"You need to backup" ... it's easy to say; unfortunately many owners don't understand the message until it's too late.


Picture this; your computer's hard disk has just crashed.  Your friendly repair engineer tells you he can install a new disk and reload the operating system but that you will need to restore your user folders and files from your backups.  You have got backups haven't you?  You've not?  Oh dear, well that's all your documents, music and a lifetime of photographs gone.

The same scenario can arise if you're the unfortunate victim of Ransomware, where all your personal files are encrypted. Unless you've got an up to date backup the only other option may be to pay the perpetrator for the unlocking key.


Sadly, this is how it often goes, but it doesn't need to be like that.  External backup drives are relatively inexpensive at around £40 - 50 for a 1 terabyte device and there are a number of backup solutions available, many free for home use.  The most immediately available solution is Windows Backup that's provided with Windows operating systems.  It can be found by clicking the Windows Start button then typing backup into the Search box.


There are also online backup solutions, sometimes called Cloud based backup; examples are: Dropbox; OneDrive and SpiderOak.


So don't leave thinking about backup until it's too late.  Look into a solution or get help, and get backing up now.  Oh, and please remember to test recovering files now and again to make sure your backups are working and can be restored.






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